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DSOTM 2006 European Tour - Audience Reactions
The Dark Side Of The Moon Tour has now completed it's European leg. The following comments make it clear that Pat is still making a big impression with fans wherever she appears.

The next step of the show was amazing. Roger sat in a chair and started to sing a few masterpieces from The Final Cut, in a truly inimate and emotional moment with the 70.000 people, who then went mad with the performance of Perfect Sense: This was an absolutely Amazing moment!!

All the songs were amazing - Fletcher, Perfect Sense, and Leaving Beirut were the most emotionalIceland

Perfect Sense had the crowd chanting along in the chorus and PP Arnold sang beautifully.

Highlights for me were 'The Final Cut' parts, 'Perfect Sense' and 'Leaving Beirut'.

The first half also featured the massive "Perfect Sense"

Perfect Sense is really PP Arnold's song with Roger taking more than a back seat. During the beginning section from the film 2001, the inflatable powered spaceman made his appearance at the back of the crowd over a black curtain that had been set up to stop the light coming in. He then did some aerobatics over the crowd spotlighted from both towers at the rear of the audience before Roger started singing and handing over to PP who as usual blew the crowd away with a PERFECT recital of the track. A change from the previous tours is that PP comes to the front of the stage to perform. As the audience went wild, Roger applauded her and then went over for a big hug, before Part 2 where he takes the singing role over again, but PP still steals this part as well through the backing vocals.

Perfect Sense was an outstanding version and PP Arnold is to me one of the key people on stage. Not only for this track which is hers, but her influence throughout the show is very noticeable and no wonder Roger keeps asking her back. PP’s solo amazed the crowd and even at the very front, the young audience stood open mouthed until she finished then erupted to the extent that Roger clapping her anyway, went over and gave her a big hug and encouraged more well deserved applause.

Highlights were the entire 'DSOTM' , 'Leaving Beirut' , 'Shine On...' (a tear came in the corner ofCork my eye), 'Perfect Sense (pts.1&2)' (funny with the spaceman that wouldn't go up) & 'Comfortably Numb'.

Amused to Death is one of my all time favourite albums, and tonight's performance of Perfect Sence part 1 & 2 was really awesome!

Not to forget to mention how strong Perfect Sense was. This PP Arnold has the strongest voice ever and the way she sings thrills me.

In my opinion "Perfect Sense" stole the show in the first set. P.P. Arnold received a standing ovation for her part in the song (once again!).

Ian Ritchie was also superb on the sax as was PP Arnold on Perfect Sense. She sang really from the bottom of her heart!

Then there was Perfect Sense 1,2 and Waters was full with emotion in that song, he was feeling every line of it and a wonderful PP Arnold blowing our (and Roger's) minds away with her performance.

Her voice is amazing, her solo in "Perfect Sense" brought the audience to their feet!

I knew Roger Waters always works with increadibly talented people like himself and Pink Floyd has always been the biggest and the best band for me but I did not think I was going to discover there this lovely lady, PP Arnold, with an amazing voice and come home to read about her, find her music and get more and more impressed.
IcelandPP Arnold has one of the best voices I have ever heard in my entire life and I actually feel very lucky to have heard her live. She also looked very happy during the concert and she definitely passed this happiness onto the audience.I have watched the dvd version of in the flesh. It was different and better to hear them live of course and I was very very impressed. 
If she comes to Norway for another concert I will be the first person to buy a ticket.

A small venue, we were 5.000 max, a smaller stage, and a power loss during "Perfect Sense part 2". And that's when the magic happened, we all went on singing, until the end of the song, 5.000 a cappella, magic, fantastic.

.... Pat Arnolds always enthralling Perfect Sense ....

I enjoyed Leaving Beirut, which worked well with Roger’s introduction and the accompanying comic-strip animation. It was very well received by the crowd, as was Perfect Sense.

The multi talented Jon Carin was brilliant, as always, and the backing singers were great, especially PP Arnold during Perfect Sense.

The trio of backing singers (Katie Kissoon, PP Arnold and Carol Kenyon) had enough history onDSOTM Tour their own to sell out a gig like that, and seeing them was simply the icing on the cake.

I'll make no secret of the fact that during Southampton Dock and The Fletcher Memorial Home, I felt a shiver of emotion that you rarely, if ever get at an event of that size. And again in Perfect Sense (which was as much to do with the wonderful PP Arnold as anything)

Great Gig’ was so marvellously executed by PP Arnold and Carol Kenyan it made me wonder what the hell song Mica Paris thought she was singing when she appeared at Gilmour’s recent Albert Hall shows.

Another Brick and Perfect Sense were some of the other highlights. PP Arnold knows her stuff!

I saw PP with Roger Waters last Monday and she is great. The solo on Perfect Sense shows how strong her voice Is.

PP Arnold singing on Perfect Sense was divine.

Another highlight I should mention is that song from Amused to Death (sorry, forgot the title!) with really terrific vocals by P.P. Arnold. Grandiose!





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