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DSOTM 2006 USA/Canadian Tour - Audience Reactions

The highlight was PPArnold's solo WOW it was amazing!

Perfect Sense Parts 1 and 2 (The song of the night for me!)

And the three backing vocalists -- Katie Kissoon, PP Arnold, and Carol Kenyon are deservedly well-known singers in their own right.

Fabulous job by everyone in the band, but special kudos to the ladies. As always they knocked me out with their power, passion and great F***kin pipes! Damn they are fantastic.

"Perfect Sense" and "Leaving Beirut" were played brilliantly, sung brilliantly and met with cheers

great vocals from PP Arnold as usual.

P.P. was amazing!

PP Arnold, Katy Kissoon and Carol Kenyon belting it out with a vocal range out in the stratosphere highlighted the true professionalism of Roger Waters with respect the the music- those were not lounge singers by any stretch of the imagination.

The vocals were generally too soft, notwithstandingPP Arnold, CarolKenyan and Katie Kissoon, who were all smokin' hot.

I stayed put because this is a great song and I wouldn't miss PP Arnold sing.

Which brings us up to the highlight of the first set, Perfect Sense. PP Arnold does a great job of belting out the vocals. Brings shivers up my spine.

.....and the girls were absolutely heart stopping.

all three female vocalists were amazing and featured prominently at several points during the Concert

Perfect Sense: Wow, just wow. I really enjoy this song, and the woman who sang almost made me faint she was so perfect.

Perfect Sense was next it truly was a highlight

The 3 girls , Katie , PP and Carol and thier wonderful soulful voices were exceptional for the entire show

Perfect Sense 1 & 2: A wonderful moment of connection between Roger and the audience, as always. P. P. Arnold is amazing.

perfect sense was awesome .....

Perfect Sense always brings shivers and was performed magnificently last night.

" Perfect sense " was amazing

In the first part, Perfect Sense was really a special moment (the astronaut flying around, the earth seen from the space, no boundaries, one species, one colony and then we move closer and discover war)... I thought that was the peak of the concert and they should have saved this song for the encore.

PERFECT SENSE 1 & 2 were a highlight, i loved the astronaut he fitted so well with the mood of the tune and PP ARNOLD was great as always !

Highlights for me were set the control, have a cigar, fletcher memorial home, perfect sense (PP Arnold!!!) and sheep.

vocals are the best during Perfect Sense and DSOTM...

Then came the best section of Set One, Perfect Sense, that song is so much better when perfomed live and you could feel it. And when PP Arnold finished her part they gave her a standing applause and really got into the song.

"Perfect Sense" gave me goosebumps!

Perfect Sense was great, probably one of the better selections of the first half.

Perfect Sense may have been the best performance of the night, very powerful.

PP Arnold sounded phenominal with her solo.

Perfect Sense from Amused to Death. It really gets the crowd moving.

Perfect Sense 1-2: This piece was a highlight and gave Roger a chance to get everyone back on their feet. Another song that resonates so well in today's world.

"Perfect Sense"  was powerful.

"Perfect Sense" was even better than the 1999-2000 tour version ...

The ladies were celestial, definitely.

Katie Kissoon, PP Arnold, and Carol Kenyon...."Great Gig in the Sky" and "Perfect Sense"... can't do it better (especially in the cold)!

Perfect Sense - I was really looking foward to this one. I was dissapointed there was only one song from Amused To Death, but thank god it was that one. Amazing performance from PP. Arnold.

PP Arnold has such a lovely voice.

P.P. Arnold deservedly received one of the biggest ovations all night, and indeed, the female singers were appreciated all night long.

And P.P. Arnold your solo in Perfect Sense Parts l and ll gave me chills hearing it live.

.... but what I really loved about the performance was how he had solo spots for everyone, including PP Arnold and Katie Kisson. Both of those ladies are so underrated and amazing - they should be touring on their own.

The lady who sang Perfect Sense blew my mind ....


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