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DSOTM Tour 2007 - Audience Reactions

Once again Pat's talent is showcased with her solo Perfect Sense.  Here are fans reactions.

Highlights for me were Perfect Sense - PP Arnolds vocals are still amazing.

Highlights for me were Perfect Sense (such a huge sound).....


PP Arnold - I had no idea - she was sensational. I remember “The First Cut is the Deepest” back in the 60s, and to be honest, assumed this must have been her daughter with the same name not realising PP was still singing!!
She looked fantastic, but her voice - my god, just superb, as were all the backing singers.

Perfect Sense is a true classic live, but you already know that.

Perfect Sense was amazing...


Perfect Sense (absolutely brilliant live, probably my favourite of the night)....

Absolutely awesome. One section probably sums it up, P P Arnold singing "it all makes perfect sense Pt 2" left me with goose bumps. She has an incredible voice, it was by far, better than the studio version.


The highlights for me were ‘Have a Cigar’, ‘Perfect Sense’, ‘Fletcher Memorial’ and ‘Bring the Boys Back Home’.

Other highlights Perfect Sense and also the finale with Another Brick and Comfortably Numb.


A very tight band with three vocally exceptional backing singers.


Perfect Sense 2 was outstanding! Everybody singing CAN'T YOU SEE IT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE!


Perfect Sense" was AWESOME, all of us still singing along with Roger and the girls, and he changed some lyrics for us in Colombia, but sadly I can't remember.

Perfect Sense was another highlight of the concert, with a sound and its accompanying film stressing the deep feeling of the song.


Pat´s solo in "Perfect Sense" is particulary remarkable, and was for me the best moment of the show.

.... and of course the crowd went wild on Perfect Sense.


Perfect Sense followed with the incomparable PP ARNOLD on vocals.


Perfect Sense was one of the top moment of the show...


You are just GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for your voice.

.....  "Perfect Sense" is very impressive too.


"Perfect Sense Parts 1-2"... it was simply great; the screen showing a submarine attacking a oil derek at the center of some Coliseum-looking arena, Waters conducting the crowd, huge explosions and the wonderful vocals... It was THE song of the evening; if I could make one suggestion for improvement - let's keep it for the encore.


Thanx for the amazing vocals in the Budapest show!


Perfect Sense yet again proves to be one of, if not THE highlight of this show .....

Your voice and intensity makes my Hair on my Arms and legs 'stand up'.....


Perfect Sense, just perfect. The girl singing, perfect. Everyone shouting the chorus, perfect.

Perfect Sense and an audience in Milan!! how the hell could it not be a recipe for one of the best versions i've heard! The applause PP got after her vocal solo showed just how much the audience were into this show.


Seeing P.P Arnold at 15ft away singing Perfect Sense was just sublime ... 

... Perfect Sense with the great PP Arnold ...


The songs from the album were tweaked, along with the films that accompanied them, with extended solos from Dave Kilminster & Snowy White & PP Arnold was excellent throughout!


PP Arnold was herself on "Perfect Sense," and it was just great, as we watched society amusing itself to events of death and destruction on the screen.


"Perfect Sense I & II" really made perfect sense considering all the current political issues, and especially with how our nation is behaving these days. As expected, this song got the crowd ecstatic!


P.P., you know where it’s at don’t you!

The whole crowd was singing for a big part of the show, and went totally nuts with applause when "Perfect Sense" came to its second part, adding to the crowd effect already in the song. We could feel like 50,000 people singing at once, even though we were only 9000... A great unity feeling there!

PP Arnold was (again) very solid with her powerful vocal in Perfect Sense.

... and finally the 3 backup vocalists in all their solos gave me goosebumps.


The entire show was magnificent. Sheep, Perfect Sense, Vera. All sounded unbelievable.


 "Perfect Sense" - Incredible.


Perfect Sense & Leaving Beirut were very poignant.


Perfect Sense was awesome as usual. P.P Arnold still has it, and opposed to when I saw Roger in 1999 and in 2001 the crowd actually seemed to know the song.


....and PP’s Perfect Sense vocal was tear jerking!






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